The Green Wave

 The Green Wave
Gordon launches his brand new venture, The Green Wave!

The Green Wave is the first online surf store dedicated to eco-friendly surf gear. Based in the UK but serving all surfing countries in Europe, The Green Wave sets out to change the face of the industry by providing surfers with better and more sustainable equipment.

Here's what Gordon had to say:

"Everyday, surfers rely on the environment to provide them with clean water and waves. This is what keeps us surfers stoked, and most believe in environmental causes but we don’t always follow this through with the products we buy.

Despite the existence of some ethical surf brands, I recognised there was a distinct lack of availability when it came to eco-friendly alternatives.

Now however, thanks to The Green Wave, everyone can support both small and large independent brands who are working hard to protect and sustain the planet that provides us with so much.

As well as being able to offer an option for environmentally-conscious riders who want great product performance, The Green Wave aims to influence everyday surfers through inspiring content, insightful articles and in-depth product information."

Go visit www.thegreenwave.co.uk to find out more! There's a 15% OFF special launch discount valid until Monday night, so hurry!


I've graduated!!!

After four epic years of hard work, I've finally completed my BA (Hons) Marketing at Bournemouth University... Time to go rip!! See you in the water people...


English Nationals at Watergate Bay

Super stoked to have taken part in the English Nationals last weekend at Watergate bay... Got a couple of strong heats in the first couple of rounds but ended up falling in the semis. I was great to see some of the boys rip and congrats to Jayce Robinson for shredding his way to a win... Yew!



Brothers Ian and Gordon Fontaine sharing a couple of sessions at home during the recent storms that hit the European coasts.