Brothers Ian and Gordon Fontaine sharing a couple of sessions at home during the recent storms that hit the European coasts.


The Pier doing its thing

Some fun waves down at the Pier this morning... Thanks Dorset Surf Photography for the shots!


Coastal Cruise

The lineups are packed with miscellaneous surf-craft, and the waves are rarely solid, but by January summer is sorely missed by surfers in the Northern latitudes. This clip follows Gordon Fontaine as he cruises through France and Spain, evoking sweet memories for any surfer who’s taken a European road trip during the sun-soaked season.

Words by MSW

Note: can you spot the naked man?

Surfing - Gordon Fontaine
Filming - Jo Armitage
Music - Port of Morrow by The Shins


Magicseaweed Winter Session

4 days after uploading our edit to the Magicseaweed Surf Winter Session competition we've reached over 16K views!!

Tomas Hein did a great job at capturing the atmosphere on this magic day in Thurso... If you haven't seen it yet, click on the link below now!


If you'd like to know more about Tomas and his photographic project on British Surfing don't hesitate to check out his website right here: http://www.tomashein.com/blog/

Saltburn Pier

We scored amazing little waves in Saltburn for the UK Pro Surf Tour contest. I came 3rd in the final and am now closer to number 1 on the UKPSA Rankings. Check out the highlights here: https://vimeo.com/77561365

Just like in Bournemouth or Boscombe, Saltburn has a pier, and god knows how much I love shooting the pier... Here's a clip of me surfing through it twice on the same wave. Shot on Tomas Hein's GoPro 3 Black Edition. Follow him on his photographic project about British Surfing named: 'Road to nowhere'


Today at Thurso East

It's hard to describe today. Thurso East was magical for the UKPST comp but unfortunately with a 20 sec period it was slow.

I entered my heat hopeful, and amped to get tubed. But it didn't really go to plan. I caught one of the bombs of the day but took off a meter too deep and unfortunately couldn't get around the first section. The wave was big and my leash snapped. After losing 12 minutes retrieving my board and another leash I still had time to get back into the heat, but the ocean went flat.

I felt empty. Frustrated and disgusted. Finishing 4th in this round meant my dreams of becoming Uk champ became near impossible. And not only that I also had to endure watching my friends score 10pt rides and getting some of the best barrels of their lives while I was stuck on the shore, powerless. I have never felt so dead inside. I had been waiting for this kind of opportunity for years, if not all my life.

The final was probably the most impressive heat I've seen. It was CT level. Two 10s and two 9s went down in the most perfect waves in the world. So hats off to the boys and congrats Luis Eyre for the win.

Determined to turn this dark day around I decided to paddle out after the contest. The waves were firing and the locals were on it. Luckily I managed to sneak into 5 bombs and caught the best barrels I've had since my trip to the Mentawaiis in 2010. I felt ecstatic, and that was exactly what I needed.

So there it is... From the darkest to the greatest state of being. From depressed to euphoric. From sorrow to bliss.

This is the reason why I'm passionate about this sport, and this is the reason why I live.

Thank you Thurso for giving me a second chance. I hope to be back soon...