G’day dudes, I’ve got NEWS…

Having been riding for Billabong for the past 8 years, I thought it was about time for a fresh start. My first 2 years on the UK tour have been promising and I felt I needed to make a step forward towards the British surf scene.

So it is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I announce to you my new partners in crime: RAPANUI. Not only they are a UK based company (from the Isle of Wight to be precise), but they are also as eco-friendly as one can be!

So here it is… I am super glad to be their first team rider, and super excited to get on board with their development! I’ll be visiting them after my trip to France this April, and will go discover & surf the variety of spots on offer out there…

Check this space as I’ll keep you posted! Yeeew


Australian footage

Hey guys,
Here is the edit on my trip in Aus, hope you'll enjoy it ! Thanks to Djé for the clips !

Bonjour tout le monde, 
Voici le montage de mon trip Australie, merci à Jérome pour les images :) ! 


New video coming soon...

Hey guys,
I just picked up my footage of Australia from Djé surf photos, some good clips ! Here is some screen shots of the video, all the photos of lifestyle and in the water will come soon as a diaporama.
Stay tuned !

Salut tout le monde,
Je viens juste de récupérer les images de mon trip en Australie avec Djé Surf photos aka "Jérome", il y a quelque bons trucs ! Voici quelques capture d'écran des vidéos, toutes les photos de surf et de vie arrive prochainement sous forme de diaporama.
Rester connecté !
A plus !