Ian @ Ocean&Earth Pro in Confital

Ian gets a 13th place finish at the 2 Star WQS event in Confital this week! Here's a few shots of him published by the ASP... Waves were sick!!


QuickUpdate - Pantin

~Hey peeps~
We're just back from the comp in Pantin where we didn't perform as much as we hoped! Here's a couple of photos and snapshots of our heats.


Visions Of Hossegor

A few scenery shots from around Hossegor. Waves are flat, and I'm waiting for Zarautz to start. Maybe it'll make you wanna go there? Maybe not. Anyhow, enjoy.


QuickUpdate - Back from Newquay

Hey fellows

I'm back from Newquay where I had my last ProJunior of the year... I unfortunately did my worst result of the season and it was the most important event!
What happened? I'd probably say that my board wasn't the good one for the english conditions. Also we couldn't hear the scores in the heat so I didn't know the situation. I was therefore taking off on every waves just to make sure I had a couple of 5s and I was getting through my heat but obviously this wasn't the winning strategy.
This contest was a pretty big disappointment for me as I was hoping to make it into the Top 10... I now finish 13th on the European ProJunior rankings, not achieving my goal. I still won a Pro junior and obtained my BacalaurĂ©at with good marks, so it's not so bad giving the circumstances!

Newquay was a really cool place. Cool people, good vibes in the comp and in the billabong team! Despite my bad result I had a good trip!

Thanks to Billabong for giving me the opportunity to do those ProJuniors!



NewBoards - August 11'

~Hey there peeps~
I've just managed to upload my latest pictures on my computer and seeing a few pictures of my new boards in there I thought I'd give you an insight on what I'm riding at the moment...