News from AUS :)

Hey guys, how's it going?

I'm now in Australia where I joined the French team for the annual training programme run by the Federation Francaise de Surf. Everything is going great, I am going through intense technical and physical training, and the atmosphere is awesome! Here's a trailer of what we're up to: https://vimeo.com/37210936

I just got a brand new JS, it's looks rad! Just the board I wanted... 
Our internet connection is pretty bad here in Lennox but don't worry, videos and photos are coming up soon!!

Cheers buddies!


La séquence à Pipe.

Voici la séquence de photos de ma vague à Pipe. Photos prisent par Tammy Moniz.

par ici la suite!

Last week in Hawaii

Hi everyone !
It's my last night in Hawaii, I'm flying tomorrow for Australia.
Hawaii was a really good experience, I've learned so much in only 1 month, stoked ! I have met some really nice people, they gave me a lot of great advices, and great lessons of life.
This wasn't a really good week for surfing, the waves were on shore and small. But still rippable !
Today was the superbowl day. Well superbowl day is a kind of a day off were you eat doritos, drink beer in front of the tv, and  all day long. So there is nobody in the water, but today unfortunately the waves were crap so we decided to go play tennis with my french pal Tristan Guilbaud !
It was great fun, and.. yes .. ok I won ! ahahah After maybe 2 hours of heavy battling... that was physical ! Here are some pics of my last couples of days, a  video will come soon !