Pipe Day :)

Today was a great day!!
I have never seen waves like this before... They ran the Volcom Pipe Pro in heavy conditions this morning, I was even uncomfortable and scared to watch in from the shore! So massive! Then the swell dropped a little bit this afternoon, and after spending a while watching guys getting barreled (like Ramzi Boukhiam) we finally decided to go out with my mate Tristan Guilbaud...
It was the biggest waves I've ever paddled into, that's for sure!! (Thanks to Rainos for the paddling and placement advice, much needed!). I was scared, really freaking scared !
Finally I got a bomb, came out of nowhere, nobody went on it, so STOKED!


RedBull High Flyers


Hey dudes!
I've been in Hawaii for a week now, and it's been really good! I'm enjoying it a lot. It feels like i've been here for a month, I discovered so much in just 7 days.
We've been filming each other with my friend Tristan Guilbaud, so hopefully we'll get a few good clips at the end of this Hawaiian journey!
The Volcom Pipe Pro starts tomorrow so we won't be able to surf pipe for a week... The good news is that there are sick waves everywhere on the Island so hopefully we'll find something to ride until the end of the comp. 
Here is a few photos and screenshots from our clips:
Le pic parfait

Coucher de soleil 

Lay back off the wall
Barrel backdoor


Gopro winter sessions !

Hey guys, here is a little clip of my last winter sessions. It was filmed with my Gopro, fixes on my head or on my arm. Hope you will enjoyed it !!


On the road to hawaii.

Airport in Paris


Hotel Room in LAX

Hey guys, I was in LAX just for the night. Im flying in 2 hours to Honolulu, can't wait to be there !!
I heard it was the golden globes yesterday night in LA, maybe I'm in the same hotel than some movie stars, I ll go and check!!
see ya !


Packing for hawaii !!

Flying to hawaii tomorrow morning for 23 days, hope I'll get a good swell there !


Quick update - Back to England

Here's a few shots taken in Brittany and on my way back to the UK. Forecast looks poor for this week but hopefully it'll come in soon and I'll be able to give you some fresh material.
Ian however will soon be on his way to Hawaii and Australia. In other words he'll have some exciting stuff to put up... So check this space!!

New artwork coming soon

Life is fun