Artistic Surfing-board decorating

If you were lucky enough to get a brand new surfboard for christmas, here's a little video on how you could make it look super rad!! Com'on, go for it...



Gift Idea - Ze Skateboard

~ Hey dudes and dudettes ~
Here's a good gift idea so your mates look cool this Christmas, give them a skateboard!
On this post a few tips on how to set up your own personalised pleasure device...


Pipe Masters is on!

Sounds like the forecast is epic too... It's gonna be a good one to watch!!
Who's your favourite to win it? My money's on JohnFlorence...
Check it live on http://vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com/billabongpipemasters2011/live-gb/

Enjoy the show!


Last Winter sessions

The best shots are kept !! Thanks to http://ronangladu.com/ and http://www.trimline-mag.com/ and thanks to brttianny for those beautiful sessions !!



If anyone liked the song in the last video, here's the artist! Looks like a pretty super cool dude from Spain.. To know more about him, here's his website: http://www.bigott.es/



Bournemouth Tandoori

Hey dudes,

Here's a little bit of footage of some surf action in Bournemouth! The first part is from a couple of weeks ago, the waves were quite average but there was swell so it was worth it!
Then Ian and the family came to visit for the weekend and we scored some of the best waves I've ever had in Dorset! The footage doesn't give it justice due to low angle and hard filming conditions but Dad still managed to get a couple of good clips... Enjoy!



BZH Team at the National French Championships

Footage of the Brittany team at the National French Championships! Siiick !
Thanks to Thomas Mollet, @ fisherprod.tumblr.com !


Last supersessions at Home.

Some shots from our last supersessions in Brittanny with Gaspard Larsonneur, Scott Fontaine and Aurel Jacob.
Thanks to Ronan "Ronus" Gladu  (www.ronangladu.com)  and Laurent "bob" Nevarez (www.trimline-mag.com) for the photos !

PS: Best Photos kept.


BUCS Championships

Hey dudes,

Just thought I'd talk you through my win at the BUCS Surf Champs in October!
I've been doing this event for 3 years now and have won it 3 times! As I was the defending champion this year RedBull, sponsor of the BUCS event, decided to follow me around with the cameras during the weekend to do a little piece on me...





QuickUpdate - Scotland

Here's a little bit of footage I got when I was up in Scotland last week! Got 2nd in the first stop of the Relentless Super Series in Thurso! Micah Lester just got the score in the end and beat me... 2nd place is not bad though, as it put me straight into the 1st place on the UK Pro Tour ratings! Three comps to go...

Will keep you posted!



A week surfing Secret Spots...

We spent a week in South West of France trying to score sick secret spots and here's what we ended up with... Enjoy! xoxo


Ian @ Ocean&Earth Pro in Confital

Ian gets a 13th place finish at the 2 Star WQS event in Confital this week! Here's a few shots of him published by the ASP... Waves were sick!!


QuickUpdate - Pantin

~Hey peeps~
We're just back from the comp in Pantin where we didn't perform as much as we hoped! Here's a couple of photos and snapshots of our heats.


Visions Of Hossegor

A few scenery shots from around Hossegor. Waves are flat, and I'm waiting for Zarautz to start. Maybe it'll make you wanna go there? Maybe not. Anyhow, enjoy.


QuickUpdate - Back from Newquay

Hey fellows

I'm back from Newquay where I had my last ProJunior of the year... I unfortunately did my worst result of the season and it was the most important event!
What happened? I'd probably say that my board wasn't the good one for the english conditions. Also we couldn't hear the scores in the heat so I didn't know the situation. I was therefore taking off on every waves just to make sure I had a couple of 5s and I was getting through my heat but obviously this wasn't the winning strategy.
This contest was a pretty big disappointment for me as I was hoping to make it into the Top 10... I now finish 13th on the European ProJunior rankings, not achieving my goal. I still won a Pro junior and obtained my Bacalauréat with good marks, so it's not so bad giving the circumstances!

Newquay was a really cool place. Cool people, good vibes in the comp and in the billabong team! Despite my bad result I had a good trip!

Thanks to Billabong for giving me the opportunity to do those ProJuniors!



NewBoards - August 11'

~Hey there peeps~
I've just managed to upload my latest pictures on my computer and seeing a few pictures of my new boards in there I thought I'd give you an insight on what I'm riding at the moment...


QuickUpdate - Hossegor August

~Hey there fellows~

Here's a couple of waves from a session in Les Casernes the other day. Been in Hossegor for almost a week now, waves aren't quite barreling but it's still quite fun and punchy... a change from english conditions!

I came down with only new boards so it's been pretty exciting trying them out... My two new Quiver boards are going pretty good (probably the best boards from them so far!) and I'm feeling pretty confident using them for the QS in Zarautz this week... Waves are looking to be quite small though, hopefully still big enough to do something good. Let's cross fingers

I've been taking a bunch of pictures of my travelling lately and will post them soonish... So keep in touch!




On the road to newquay !

Didn't know what to do on the ferry... On the road to 4th star event pro junior in newquay, the last one of the year ! I'll keep you informed of the results !! See yaa






Billabong Pro Junior Sopelana... Ian in the final!

That's how it's done!!!!! Le 29HOOOD est la!
Gooogogogogoooo Ian

Check out the final live soon!


Nike: The Chosen

~Hey peeps~
Come and vote for the 29HOOD for the Nike Chosen contest!
Like and share all our photos and videos to create the buzz and allow us to reach the top!!
We are counting on you my friends...



Surffolk Yourself

~Hey you dudes~
It's been all about the music last weekend... Went to Latitude Festival in Suffolk! We saw some really sick bands, got soaked to the bone in the glorious British summer, trekked through some mud slides and drank beer from paper cups... It was pretty radical.


Nike Night Surf in Newquay

~Hey everyone~
Lights going up
I'm in Newquay at the moment and Nike just hosted the Night Surf and the Cash For Tricks at Fistral Beach this weekend. It was a pretty massive weekend with loads of people rocking up to the beach and loads of European surfers battling it out!


Test GoPro - numero 3!

Quick trip to Quiberon a couple of weeks ago on the search for barrels. We drove 2 hours only to find hundreds of people in the water and no barrels! So we decided to move to the next beach where we re-discovered a fat little left-hander with no one out. Not ideal for the GoPro set up on the 6'2" but we gave it a go anyway... Check it out!


Scotland and Vendee Wrap-up

Helloo everyone,
I am currently in Brittany, relaxing at home. I'm going back to Bournemouth tomorrow..! I've been home for almost a week now and it's been pretty awesome. We scored some really good waves with friends (photos coming up soon) and I've been able to rest a little bit after those 2 hectic weeks in Scotland and Vendee.

Scotland ended pretty well even though I got destroyed in my second round heat. I didn't managed to have a good rythm 'with the ocean' and ended up taking off on really bad waves, letting the others go on the bombs... The lesson is now learned though. Same result for LOL, who was pushed inside the peak by his fellow competitors the whole heat and couldn't get any waves. Duvi however saved the honour of the crew by making it all the way to the Quarter-Finals! He was ripping the whole event but got unlucky with the consistency of the sets in the end...

Besides from the comp we also scored a few good waves in free surf, especially on our last day up there... When everyone was still partying after the event finished, we woke up early and went to check one of the deadliest slabs I have ever witnessed. It was pumping, in other words it was not surfable. It was so heavy I didn't even paddle out!! Duvi and Lol did though (only because we managed to wake up a couple of photographers) and got a couple of barrels, but also a couple of deadly wipe outs! Lol actually managed to get a back injury which caused him to not being able to surf for the comp in Vendee... Here's a little photo posted on Lol's blog.

So then we carried on with the Vendee Pro... It felt really nice to be back in France after 5 months spent in the UK! First thing I did was to eat a few slices of saucisson and have a beer on the balcony, enjoying the 20 degrees outside temperature! We had some good waves on the day prior to the event and I even scored a barrel!

The waves dropped a little bit for the event but it was still really fun. Even though I had a pretty tough draw for my first heat (Duvi, Tristan Guilbaud and Oli Adams) I managed to step up my game, get the bombs and win. I even got the second best score of the day with a 14,17 pts total! The second heat looked to be another hard heat (Marc Lacomare, Chris Friend and Frederic Robin) and indeed it was. Despite Fredo Robin being absent, Marc and Chris got some of the best scores of the event by picking up the bombs again! I didn't surf badly but I had a pretty poor wave selection and strategy which cost me the heat... Here's a few photos the ASP and Trimline SurfMag respectively:

And that's it for the moment... Bon surf and see you later! Yeeww



First day at the Cold Water Classic!

We had a really good day of surfing up here in Scotland, barrels everywhere and successful heats for Romain 'Lol' Laulhe and I! He actually scored the best total of the day with two of the sickest barrels I've seen in a while... We are now waiting for Vincent 'Duvi' Duvignac to surf his heat today but I'm sure he'll do well, he's been ripping during our few free sessions!

Here's a few photos of me during Day 1 that were posted on the CWC website. It says it's Mark Boyd but it is actually me, as Mark Boyd is standing on the shore with the Scottish team!


Packing for Thurso!

No boardshorts, no sunglasses, but thick shirts, wool jumpers, ski gloves and beanie hat! Plus a couple of winter wetsuits with the boots, gloves and hood that come with it...
I am ready to go!

Taking 3 boards with me (more details on the boards coming up soon in a quiver review):
Quiver 6'2: step up board for bigger waves and hopefully barrels!
JS 5'11: All around board for sort of powerful and/or clean conditions
Al Merrick 'Flyer' 5'9: All around board for mellow conditions and sloppy surf


Packing for Reunion island.

Je fais mes valises pour la Réunion, où je vais participer au Yop Pro junior.  Je posterais des photos et des vidéos de mon voyages dans les prochains jours.
trousss ( ref: 974 )



Session du Dimanche avec jean claude le dauphin.

Voici des photos de la session du dimanche avec le dauphin... Et oui on est bien en Bretagne ! L'eau est froide mais elle est claire et on peut y apercevoir des dauphins et y surfer des longues gauches !
Les meilleurs photos sont au chaud ....Credit Photos : Ronan Gladu :

PS: Je combine mon blog avec celui de mon frère pour plus de fun et plus de news !




WaveTribe is cool

Hey everyone, how's it going? Just wanted to give you a little insight on a new cool and ethical company that just started doing business in Europe... So here it is, I just recently had the opportunity to meet Stu, the rep from WaveTribe in Europe.

WaveTribe is an ethical company that creates products from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The brand was created in the US and is apparently pretty successful over there! Stu showed me a few of their products... Their range goes from recycled and extra strong leashes to eco-friendly boardbags made of Hemp and recycled plastic! Trust me I have picked the boardbags up and tested out the flexibility of the leashes and they are epic! Plus the design for their packaging is pretty awesome...

But one product in particular stood out to me: a Tail Pad made of cork! The pad looks great with a cool natural colour and the material itself feels just like a normal pad! I asked Stu if I could maybe have one of them to try out and he gave me one! I'm getting a new 6'2" Step up board from Quiver soon, which I will take to Scotland for the Cold Water Classic, and I can't wait to try out the new pad!!

Moreover, after exchanging a couple of emails, Stu decided to actually give me a few more products to try out... I can't wait! Of course I will give you guys a heads up on how they go...

Anyway, I'm super thankful to be representing an ethical eco-friendly company... Even though I have been recycling and consuming organic products as much as I could for a while, the past natural disasters like the Tsunami in Japan really showed us how powerful mother nature was, and I feel it is an opportunity for everyone to take matters into their own hands and start doing something good for the planet, but most importantly for the waves!!

So here's a little tip to take your first step towards a greener future: visit the WaveTribe website!

Peace & Love & Surfing


Uma Tosta Mista, Por Favor / 5

Last Chapter of the mini series documenting our little family Christmas holidays! Hope you enjoyed it.. Stay tuned for more videos in the future! Cheers, xoxo 


Bournemouth's Area 51

Here are a couple of photos from a good spot not too far from Bournemouth... Picks up the swell a lot more there but unfortunately the wind, too! Hopefully we'll get a few good waves in the coming days and maybe some good shots! Will keep you posted..

 check out more photos by Luke Gartside @ www.lukegartsidephotography.co.uk


News: The Cheesy Wolf paintjob

(Click on the image for a surprise........ :)