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Hey everyone, how's it going? Just wanted to give you a little insight on a new cool and ethical company that just started doing business in Europe... So here it is, I just recently had the opportunity to meet Stu, the rep from WaveTribe in Europe.

WaveTribe is an ethical company that creates products from recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The brand was created in the US and is apparently pretty successful over there! Stu showed me a few of their products... Their range goes from recycled and extra strong leashes to eco-friendly boardbags made of Hemp and recycled plastic! Trust me I have picked the boardbags up and tested out the flexibility of the leashes and they are epic! Plus the design for their packaging is pretty awesome...

But one product in particular stood out to me: a Tail Pad made of cork! The pad looks great with a cool natural colour and the material itself feels just like a normal pad! I asked Stu if I could maybe have one of them to try out and he gave me one! I'm getting a new 6'2" Step up board from Quiver soon, which I will take to Scotland for the Cold Water Classic, and I can't wait to try out the new pad!!

Moreover, after exchanging a couple of emails, Stu decided to actually give me a few more products to try out... I can't wait! Of course I will give you guys a heads up on how they go...

Anyway, I'm super thankful to be representing an ethical eco-friendly company... Even though I have been recycling and consuming organic products as much as I could for a while, the past natural disasters like the Tsunami in Japan really showed us how powerful mother nature was, and I feel it is an opportunity for everyone to take matters into their own hands and start doing something good for the planet, but most importantly for the waves!!

So here's a little tip to take your first step towards a greener future: visit the WaveTribe website!

Peace & Love & Surfing

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  1. Thanks for the write up boys, stoked that you are down with our environmental stance and we look forward to seeing some great support across the pond.

    Derek Dodds, Wave Tribe Founder