Nike Night Surf in Newquay

~Hey everyone~
Lights going up
I'm in Newquay at the moment and Nike just hosted the Night Surf and the Cash For Tricks at Fistral Beach this weekend. It was a pretty massive weekend with loads of people rocking up to the beach and loads of European surfers battling it out!
Here are a few cool photos that my awesome girlfriend took during the comp... Not much surfing but a great sunset!
I competed in both events but my main objective was set on the Night Surf as this was the one counting for the UK tour ratings but also the one with the big money!
Supporting crew!
The 2 comps were running their heats back to back and therefore made it quite easy to waste energy! Thankfully I only got through my first heat of the Cash For Tricks, losing in the quarter-finals a little later in the day. Thanks to a couple of air reverses and a few tricky tricks I managed to earn a little bit of pocket money while having fun at the same time! Congrats to my buddy Thomas 'Jonki' Joncour for making it to the final... 29 Hood was here!
Cool Sunset
Back to the main event where I ended up coming second in the final! Came short to Russel Winter in the end in really difficult conditions: 1ft chop and in the dark... He managed to find the only one wave offering three top turns and was rewarded a 7.17. I gave my best to come back into the game but I couldn't find (or see) any wave with good potential. It's a bummer because I felt pretty good and confident in my previous heats and the board I was riding (Dirty Truck by Quiver!) was working really well, going super fast and radical!
Post semi-final win
I am now sitting 2nd on the ratings, about 1000 points behind Russel, but 1000 points ahead of Johnny Fryer in the 3rd! There's a few big events still coming up in October and November and hopefully I will be able to catch up... Bring it on!
Epic conditions for the final

Bon surf and see you later!



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