NewBoards - August 11'

~Hey there peeps~
I've just managed to upload my latest pictures on my computer and seeing a few pictures of my new boards in there I thought I'd give you an insight on what I'm riding at the moment...
So the first one on the left is one the new Quiver boards that I just picked up when I was in Newquay recently. The board model is 'The Hobbit' and the dimensions are 5'7"x 19"x 2"1/4. It's a pretty similar model to the Dirty Truck, but with rounder curves giving a smoother feel. It's a really good board for pretty small conditions. It's fast, light, great for airs but still holds the rails on turns.

The second one from the left is a Boardsword model from Billabong surfboard. The dimensions are 5'8"x 19"x 2"1/4. Basically I ordered the same board that I had been riding all winter in small conditions. This new one doesn't look exactly like the one I had but still looks really good. I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet but I can't wait. It has a wide entry point which will be really be easy to catch waves with and a 3 fin as well as a 4 fin set up. I've heard four fin set ups are rad in the barrel!!

The third board is another Billabong Surfboard. The dimensions are 5'11"x 18"3/8 x 2"1/4. It has a good rocker, round pin tail and another 4+3 fin set up. I ordered this board to get barreled!! Its wide entry point will be perfect to take off into hollow waves and the four fin set up should help getting comfortable in the barrel... Haven't had any proper barreling waves yet to give it a go unfortunately, but I will keep you posted as soon as I do.
The last board on the photo is the other Quiver board I picked up before leaving! The dimensions are 5'11"x18"3/8 x 2"1/4. It has a pretty wide outline with a wide tail and nose and a flat rocker. I have tried this board a few times now and it's going really good. I really like the glass on fins because they make you feel like you are one with the board. Plus it holds powerful surfing and is still good for airs! (check earlier post QuickUpdate - Hossegor)

That's about it for the new boards at the moment... Look out for a few pictures of my trip to be posted soon!


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