BUCS Championships

Hey dudes,

Just thought I'd talk you through my win at the BUCS Surf Champs in October!
I've been doing this event for 3 years now and have won it 3 times! As I was the defending champion this year RedBull, sponsor of the BUCS event, decided to follow me around with the cameras during the weekend to do a little piece on me...
Interview number one
The weekend started pretty good with nice little waves at Fistral and an easy paddle out for the all the hungover students! I had a couple of fun heats on the Friday and because it was fairly easy at this stage we decided to put a GoPro on my board to give a bit of an inside view on what was happening. 
GoProing the heat!
Sunset over crowded Fistral
The second day saw some better conditions, the waves picked up a bit and the sun was out! It was like being in summer again. So another nice day for the hungover students, who arrived at the beach late and with market pen all over their faces. Must have been an interesting night.
Chilled out set up
Cool dudes
Super cool dudes
I won all of my few heats that day, trying out a couple of different boards in the nice little waves on offer. Due to the important (to say the least) amount of heats during the day it was a bit of a wait between my ones and I therefore went out and bought a skateboard with my birthday money! I set it all up myself, so there will be a post on a bit of DIY coming your way soon on how to set up your own skateboard...
Notice the boot-holder
Cool dudes going into the final
Then came Sunday, the waves totally picked up and it was actually quite pumping at Fistral! About 3-4 ft clean with pretty good sandbanks... The other students turned up late again, with paint in their hair... Must have been another cool night.
Supporting FooFooo
Action shot number one
Action shot number two
The final went great, all the bombs came my way and I managed to surf them well! Got a few power turns mixed up with a couple of air reverses, it felt quite nice!! I ended up winning with a couple of 8s and a 9.5. It was a lot of fun and there was actually quite an important amount of people watching on the beach.
Oh yeah baby
Got a cup!
What ended up being pretty funny is that I actually came second in the team's rating with my one-man team! So I ended up with 4 medals, so I gave them away to my supporters, including Kai the dog! She was pretty stoked...
Kai kai posing...
Thanks to Barefoot Wine for the contest and the wine, and thanks to RedBull for the crates! Can't wait to see the footage... Have a good one peeps!


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