Gift Idea - Ze Skateboard

~ Hey dudes and dudettes ~
Here's a good gift idea so your mates look cool this Christmas, give them a skateboard!
On this post a few tips on how to set up your own personalised pleasure device...
First of, choose a board
As you walk into the shop you will (or might not) be overwhelmed with the choice of boards available. Don't just go for the coolest looking one though, as if you don't like it you can always paint over it. Think width.
Then you need to look at the trucks + wheels. There you can go for the coolest ones, as you won't be able to paint them. Think colour matching.
Finally get some grip, go to the till, swipe your credit card and run off as fast as you can.
Next step, grip your board
Joe's a professional, worked in skateshop a decade ago
Happy camper
Get your mate to grip it, but claim it.
Then screw the trucks in. Pay attention to the colour of your screws as they will determine how cool the skateboard will look from the point of view of the skateboarder.
Note: not the coolest print on the bottom
Look how cool mine looks.
When it comes to sticking the wheels on it, don't forget to drink beer.
Note: the beer
If you're lacking arm strength, get Joe to do it.
Finally, test drive it with your cat. So you don't take any risks, and provide your cat with an exciting life.
The cat's name is Coco
You now have your own skateboard to give or to keep! I personally loved mine so much I actually kept it. Haven't worked on the painting yet but will soon... I'll let you know.
Surely that's not in winter
They call me roundabout carving machine

You can now enjoy the ride, oh yeah...

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