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Hey peeps,
How's it going? I've been busy looking for new partnerships and it's looking good so far!

After starting fresh with Rapanui earlier this month, I have resigned for another year with Quiver Surfboards and picked up 6 brand new models to try out while I was there!
Here's 4 of them (new post about the boards coming up soon):
On the accessories front, I am still riding for Wavetribe this year and as a matter of fact, I've just received a bunch of new stuff from them! Check this little package out..
And last but not least, I have just picked up a new deal with C-SKINS wetsuits! They've sent me a brand new 3x2 Wired, it's so good I'm already wearing it! Warmest, lightest and stretchiest suit I've probably ever had... So sick!! Thanks to Wetsuit Centre for helping me out on that one... Here's me and big bro Scott trying to mute into Power Rangers (it didn't work, but at least we tried)
So here it is... Hope the good news will keep coming, and we'll get good waves with the swell coming in tomorrow! Can't wait for the Vendee Pro, it should be good fun and also hopefully a good start to the contest season.

To wrap it up, a couple of extra shots I had from my homemade Rapanui shoot... haha
Gordy "Flash" Fontaine

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